Haiti Mission


The Haiti Mission is one of the major regional partnership activities of the JBUMA.  It was re-established and formalized in 2003 when contact was made between Rev. Dr. Burchell Taylor, then President of the Mission Agency, and Rev. Nicanor Obtenu, pastor of the Eglise Christianisme Missionnaire Baptist Church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to provide assistance in the construction of two (2) church buildings in the south western rural areas of Haiti.

Since then the JBUMA now provides assistance to four (4) churches and four (4) schools at the early childhood education level, with a major school feeding programme for over 300 students in two (2) of the schools and the payment of teacher stipends.  One church/school is located in the capital of Port-au-Prince, two are located in the hills of Kamoinsa and Kafab to be found in the rural town of Anse-a-Veau and one is located in Thomasset, Les Cayes in south western Haiti.  The church and school in Kafab and Thomasset are the ones operating in these areas.

In April 2008 a mission volunteer team from Jamaica embarked on a fact finding mission spearheaded by the Revs. Michael Shim-Hue and Fritzner Dunois to ascertain the technical support needs pursuant to the reconstruction of the church/school building at Kafab.  The mission trip gave birth to the Haiti Reforestation Project when a fundamental problem of soil erosion was unearthed and it saw the finalization of a scholarship programme in theological studies at the United Theological College of the West Indies (UTCWI) and teacher training at the Shortwood Teacher’s College in Jamaica with the aim of providing a resource pool geared towards the self sufficiency and sustainability of the Haiti ministries. 

Since 2008 the partnership expanded with the constructions of a major potable water system and a Bakery, sponsored by the JBUMA, in Thomasset; the resumption of mission-pastors to Haiti on short-term pastoral initiatives and the conducting of annual Medical, Dental and Optical Clinics, Healthy Lifestyle Seminars, Veterinary Training and Vacation Bible School by mission volunteers from Jamaica.

Since the devastating earthquake of 2010 there is a programme for emergency response and disaster relief. 

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The Journey to Kafab, Anse-a-Veau

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Church/School Construction


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The Progress


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The Schools


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The School Feeding Programme


Medical Clinics









Mission Pastor - Rev. Basil A. McLeod

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Effects of the Devastating Earthquake of 12th January 2010



A 3 storey builidng completely flatened



Church at worship outside the walls