The JBU through the Mission Agency realizes that no one entity, person or church has all it needs to carry out the Mission of our Lord Jesus Christ and so we collaborate and partner with each other. This partnership is a joint commitment to the mission entrusted by our Lord to His followers to be proclaimers and servants of the Gospel throughout the world.

The fundamental and decisive things that make us Christians are equally shared and so the JBUMA encourages and facilitates JBU and non-JBU churches, other unions, associations and conventions working together, for the sake of the Mission. These partnerships are between equals in the Lord even though one, at any given moment, may be stronger than the other in terms of size and/or the possession of certain important resources. There is mutual giving and receiving. There is no basis for domination of the one by the other or the imposition of anything by the one on the other.

Partnerships have been established locally among JBU Churches and regionally with churches in other Caribbean nations; namely, Guyana, Panama, the Republic of Haiti, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Turks and Caicos Islands. International Partnerships have been established with other Conventions and Associations in Africa, Canada, the USA and the rest of the world.

Specific areas of emphasis include the:

  • Exchange of relevant information and visits, where possible and necessary, toward the deepening of relationship, shaping of a common vision and keeping abreast of mission challenges and needs to be addressed.
  • Sharing of human and other resources within the capacity of each partner where the need arises.
  • Working and/or specialist team visits for special short-term mission projects.
  • Mission personnel assignments for agreed periods where need arises governed by appropriate Memorandum of Understanding and in keeping with the mission policy of the partners involved.
  • Engagement in education and training in related areas of mission development, including evangelism, church growth, social work and Christian unity.
  • Seeking and embracing opportunities for joint mission-commitment in other parts of our region and the world in general.

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