Urban & Rural Ministries


The Mission Agency of the Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU) recognises the need to reach persons outside its traditional sphere of ministry bearing in mind the peculiarities and distinctives of ministry in Urban and Rural geographic locales.  The ministry evolved out of the need to care for people in a wholistic, non-traditional way and was directed specifically to inner-city/struggling communities. 

 The Agency is particularly conscious of the ever increasing deterioration of many of these communities and hence the growing need to reclaim decaying value systems, transform lives and restore hope to otherwise hopeless thousands. The projects of the U&R Ministry are, therefore, of an income generating nature, intended to improve the social and economic status of participants.  Ultimately, the central purpose is to facilitate transformation of human lives and situations by employing an alternate approach to evangelism that is more interactive, more practically oriented and more permanent.

 The primary objectives of the ministry are to:

  • point persons to an alternate life-style and to motivate them to adopt new values, new modes of operation and new direction;
  • encourage and help individuals build positive image of self and hence become more conscious of their God-given potentials to become self-fulfilled human beings;
  • provide opportunities through which persons can acquire knowledge and skills to develop independence and so improve their social and economic status;
  • facilitate an evangelistic ministry which has a basis in practical engagement with all groups and levels of persons within the community;
  • empower members of the community to take greater responsibility for their own social, spiritual and economic advancement.

 Through this Ministry, the JBU in collaboration with the Jones Town Baptist Church sought to practically engage the lives of the people of the Jones Town Community, which gave birth to the ‘Farming Inna di City (Farming in the City)’ Project.  It is as its name describes - farming on idle lands in the city.  The JBUMA leased land from the Ministry of Water and Housing, which was levelled and ploughed.  Seedlings, and all necessary tools and systems were procured from state-owned and other corporation.  Through a community contact exercise persons were sensitized and applications received.

The project is ongoing and has reaped abundant harvests.  As the Ministry grows in momentum other alternate approaches for interactive, practically oriented and people engaging projects will come on train.

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